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CPA Business Funding Portal - Firm Onboarding, 2021

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Simplifying business relief and financing for firms and their clients.

As a trusted advisor to your clients, you play a crucial role in helping them navigate the complex world of PPP business relief and financing. Your expertise is an invaluable resource, and few things are more critical when helping a small business thrive and grow.

Often though, these processes can be inefficient and labor intensive. Then magnified when you have large blocks of clients to support.

That’s why, in partnership with Biz2Credit, developed the CPA Business Funding Portal, a cloud-based platform designed specifically for CPAs and CPA firms.

The CPA Business Funding Portal is a firm-wide solution that enables CPA firms to offer Business Relief Advisory services that are scalable, and profitable. With this platform, you can more confidently provide PPP2 loan application and PPP loan forgiveness support to clients, managing all needs through one streamlined tool.

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CPA Business Funding Portal – Subscription Options

PPP Loan Applications
PPP Forgiveness Applications
Custom Roles
Customer Support
CPA Directory for Small Businesses
$749 per year
15 Agent Fee Eligible Apps
15 Enhanced*
$1,499 per year
Unlimited Agent Fee Eligible Apps
75 Enhanced*

*Enhanced forgiveness features include: automatic bank statement and utility data imports, and AICPA forgiveness calculator import.


The business funding solution is designed to streamline the application process with benefits including:

Plans Available for Every Size Firm
Access Government-Backed Loan Programs
Premium Support Options
Insights and AICPA PCPS Guidance Included
Manage Client Financing Applications in One Place
Enhanced Financing Application Features Available
Earn Commissions on Funded Applications

Important Resources & Information

Expand each section below to view and access applicable support resources for you and your clients.


PPP resources, updates, and information

Feb. 22, 2021:
White House Announces Changes to PPP
New York Times, Feb. 22, 2021:
Biden Changes P.P.P. Rules to Help the Self-Employed
New York Times, Feb. 22, 2021:
Fraud Checks and Errors Slow Small-Business Relief Loans

Journal of Accountancy, Updated: Feb. 22, 2021:
PPP processing delays continue

SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) resources for CPAs

SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) FAQs

PPP Summary after Economic Aid Act


Semi-Weekly Customer Service Update Webinars: Key Highlights and Accompanying Commentary

SBA Application Processing Updates
In response to Monday’s announcement from the White House, firms should be aware of the process changes and potential impact on clients which include: 2-week priority to smallest businesses (20 or fewer employees) and guidance when filing applications for sole proprietors.

Posted: 2/25/21

Customer Care Training Tips & Updates
The CPA Business Funding Portal team reviewed two best practices to better optimize your experience: the six client e-signature steps and why you should review each application after the client e-signs and prior to submission.

Posted: 2/25/21

Operational Updates – PPP Application Errors Handling
This update discussed the PPP error resolution strategy in detail as well as reviewed what you and your clients need to know about the validation response messages.

Posted: 2/25/21

Recent Changes to the Paycheck Protection Program
The Biden-Harris Administration announced changes to the PPP that will adjust multiple aspects of the program. Learn more in the resources below.

Posted: 2/23/21

2.23 Best Practices Training
Kari Hipsak, CPA, Sr. Manager of Firm Services at the AICPA, reviews common application mistakes firms should avoid.

Calculation of 2.5x or 3.5x for Certain NAICS Codes
Watch video
Reloading of Documents
Watch video
Incorrect Loan Amounts
Watch video
Posted: 2/23/21

Operational Updates on Validation Errors
The SBA has not yet provided definitive guidance on these errors, but Biz2Credit has taken a proactive approach in providing a resolution. Learn more below.

Posted: 2/23/21

SBA Error & Hold Codes – Updates and Explanations
Review of the multiple phases of SBA validation, compliance checks and decision logic as well as updates to the CPA Business Funding Portal operations for handling error and hold codes following the SBA procedural notice.

Information on alternative application situations
Watch video
Information on applications reaching 20-day threshold
Watch video
Posted: 2/18/21

SBA Error & Hold Code Updates and Submitted Status Review
Overview of error and hold code updates followed by a thorough explanation of the process an application may go through after submission to the SBA.

Posted: 2/16/21

Customer Care Update
Hear from Jessica Clemons, Customer Success Manager at, review our resource hubs, differences in customer care teams, and some of the top support inquiries.

Posted: 2/16/21

AICPA PCPS Pro Tips: Application Insights
Kari Hipsak, Sr. Manager Firm Services at the AICPA reviews what firms should consider around key platform inputs on loan eligibility and ownership information.

Posted: 2/16/21

ACH Details Process Review
Guidance to share with your clients on the ACH/bank information upload process and timeline.

Posted: 2/16/21

Customer Care and Operational Update
A collective review of resources and support options available to firms from the and Biz2credit teams.

Posted: 2/11/21

Correcting Common Issues: Tax Id (SSN/EIN) mismatch, and loan amount different than originally applied
Review of two common issues within the loan applications and corrective action that can be taken to rectify them.

Posted: 2/11/21

Loan Application Withdrawal Process
Review of the process when a firm wants to withdraw a client’s loan application pre and post approval.

Posted: 2/11/21

SBA Hold Codes, Challenges & Processes
Overview and discussion on SBA delay updates and how and Biz2Credit are working to ensure a successful application process for clients.

Posted: 2/9/21

SBA Key Status Detail 'Cheat Sheet'
Further explanation of the full scope of SBA processing post-submission.

Posted: 2/9/21

ACH Process Change Update
Simplified experience for borrowers: Biz2Credit is no longer using a third-party service to verify client bank accounts for funding disbursement.

Posted: 2/9/21

Important Notice: Check Loan Amount
Continued reminder to firms of a critical step in the PPP loan process: Clients must review their loan details prior to executing a contract. (The final agreement amount may differ from the initial request due to SBA caps.)

Posted: 2/9/21

Application Tips from the AICPA
Kari Hipsak, Sr. Manager Firm Services at AICPA, provides advice for firms using the CPA Business Funding Portal in streamlining the experience for clients.

Posted: 2/9/21

Agent Fees, Explained
Discussion on the agent fee structure and process update ahead of the SBA/Treasury pending guidance.

Posted: 2/4/21

Enhancements to the CPA Business Funding Portal Dashboard
Review of the various resources and updates made to the dashboard within the portal.

Posted: 2/2/21

PPP Processing Timeline
Review of the estimated timelines within each stage of the PPP processing workflow.

Posted: 2/2/21

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