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Erik Asgeirsson discusses the strategic partnership with Rohit Arora, CEO of Biz2Credit.

Press Release launches business funding tool in partnership with Biz2Credit.

CPA Loan Portal

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Simplifying business relief and financing for firms and their clients.

As a trusted advisor to your clients, you play a crucial role in helping them navigate the complex world of PPP business relief and financing. Your expertise is an invaluable resource, and few things are more critical when helping a small business thrive and grow.

Often though, these processes can be inefficient and labor intensive. Then magnified when you have large blocks of clients to support.

That’s why, in partnership with Biz2Credit, is excited to announce the CPA Business Funding Portal, a new cloud platform designed specifically for CPAs.

The CPA Business Funding Portal simplifies the PPP loan forgiveness application process, and allows firms to manage all their clients' business relief and financing needs in one place.

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The business funding solution is designed to streamline the application process with benefits including:

Manage Client Financing Applications in One Place
Access Government-Backed Loan Programs
Enhanced Financing Application Features Available
Premium Support Options
Secure Environment

CPA Business Funding Portal - Product Overview Video


CPA Business Funding Portal – Subscription Options

PPP Forgiveness Applications
Custom Roles
Customer Support
only basic features included
$749 $499 per year
limited time introductory offer
15 Enhanced^
$1,499 $999 per year
limited time introductory offer
75 Enhanced^

* Enhanced forgiveness features not included.
^ Enhanced forgiveness features include: automatic bank statement and utility data imports, and AICPA forgiveness calculator import.



Your key questions, answered here.

How is the CPA Business Funding Portal different from the PPP Forgiveness Tool?

The PPP Forgiveness Tool (located at was created by and the AICPA's fintech partner, Biz2Credit, to support business owners and their CPA advisors in the process of completing the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan forgiveness applications.

The CPA Business Funding Portal, (accessed at, adds new CPA-centric capabilities, and enhanced functionality to the automated PPP loan forgiveness tool. The new platform provides access to a wider range of funding opportunities, and will be kept up to date as new funding programs become available, with extra benefits provided to CPA firms that choose a subscription plan. (The original basic loan forgiveness application service remains free.)

Who can I contact to learn more about this solution?

Email or fill out the contact us form and a representative will be in touch to assist.

Who can I contact for technical support?

Just send an email to or A representative will be in touch with you quickly to assist.

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