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“We worked with to select the right tools and accounting package for our needs. It’s good to have a partner that you can count on. We work together to evaluate technology and services.”

Partner, RSM US LLP



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“I appreciate all of the support I get from Dealing with technology is always easier when you have a partner.”

Brit Cross
Supervisor, Wegner CPAs



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“It was really when I came into contact with the AICPA and that my firm took a positive turn. When I saw the potential to marry technology with CPA services, it clicked that this was the answer to present my firm in a different way,”

Javier Goldin
Managing Partner, Goldin Group LLC






Nexus is the Next Big Thing for Firms

Nexus is a concept that many of today’s business owners don’t understand. The confusion around nexus — what it means, the tax implications, and overall compliance — represents an enormous opportunity...

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Demystifying Workflow – Roadmap to Firm Success

Your guide to understanding workflow, why it’s critical to firm success, and next steps for implementation The concept of workflow continues to mystify many in the accounting profession, and a...

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5 Ways to Help Your Clients With Common Human Resources Issues

In association with our preferred partner Paychex and Accounting Web, this whitepaper was created to give 5 tips on ways to help your clients with HR issues. Download this guide to see how you can...

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Audit Confirmations: To Centralize or not to centralize, that is the question

Successful accounting firms that embrace change typically operate in a paperless environment and use technology tools to streamline workflow. Yet for decades, the process for managing audit...

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Bill Pay Services & Beyond: Expanding Your Advisor Role

Access to up-to-date, accurate financial data is critical to the success and growth of any business, but it can be challenging to get real-time, organized information. More and more businesses are...

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Ahead of the curve with premium outsourced finance and accounting services

The outsourced finance and accounting practice group of Armanino provides the support many clients within the non-profit and school niche need to understand the essential metrics of their finances...

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Advancing workflow for more efficient and secure audit engagements

Learn how Katz, Sapper & Miller were able to increase their audit workflow efficiencies to help manage their 600+ audit engagements a year. Read how utilizing's online audit...

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Peace of Mind Made Possible by Paychex

Learn how Binstock, Rubin, Adler, Aldecoa & Ellzey, P.A. (BRAAE) maximized their firm's capacity by outsourcing their payroll, HR, and retirement services.

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The Cloud is the New Data Center

The cloud democratizes computing, providing CPA’s with the opportunity to guide their clients.

What is True Workflow Automation?

Learn how an end-to-end workflow system can help your firm improve employee productivity, control costs and increase profitability.

Paychex Partner Program

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The accounting landscape is changing rapidly and one word—complexity—defines both the greatest challenge and opportunity for CPAs. To keep pace with client expectations, firms are rethinking their strategies for practice management, client services and talent development. is your primary source for taking the complexity out of moving your firm into the digital arena - enabling you to focus on growing your business with the smartest solutions in our profession.

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