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As firms of all sizes strive to anticipate client needs and fuel new growth with Client Advisory Services (CAS) offerings, many are asking one question: What comes next?

CAS clients are asking the same question – which signals real opportunity for growth. Firms that understand their clients’ business objectives and desired outcomes, and are able to anticipate and advise on what they need in order to achieve them, are in a great position to become trusted strategic advisors.

Most CAS practices initially focus on more routine transactional work. To thrive going forward, they will need to build on this foundation with tools and processes to deliver next-level anticipatory advisory services, such as KPIs and dashboarding, forecasting, budgeting, data analysis, operating plans, scenario plans and more, as part of the CAS relationship.

It takes technology tools that are purpose-built for accounting firms to deliver this level of strategic advisory capabilities. That’s where Jirav’s financial planning & analysis software comes in. This all-in-one financial planning and analysis solution gives firms powerful tools for forecasting, budgeting, reporting and dashboarding to provide clients with the insights they need, in the format they need them, when they need them.

Ready to advance your CAS journey to meet your clients’ growing needs for insight and advice, while fueling your next level of growth? Jirav and CPA.com can help make it happen.


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Jirav’s FP&A solution offers these key features

Visual dashboards

Deliver real-time KPIs and bring data to life with powerful, intuitive dashboards that aid understanding and enable proactive decision-making. Combine accounting, workforce, and operational data in one place to drive greater insights.

Tailored reporting

Customize, standardize, and automatically deliver monthly reporting packages customizable to individual client needs. Combine historical and forecasted reporting to move beyond “what happened?” to “what will happen?”

Advanced planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities

Move client discussions from what happened last quarter to what’s next with cash flow forecasting, departmental budgeting, rolling forecasts, workforce planning, scenario comparisons, variance analysis, scenario planning, and more — all powered by driver-based financial modeling.

Data integration

Quickly connect multiple data sources to Jirav to visualize your clients' accounting, workforce and operational data in one place. Import unlimited non-financial metrics by uploading Google Sheets or Excel files.

Planning and reporting templates

Leverage best practice templates or build your own templates. Easily copy plans, reports, and dashboards to use again with new clients.

Jirav Dashboard

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"Jirav excites me because data visualization is the key to working with clients, advising them, and getting them engaged. Just seeing where you’ve been won’t cut it anymore. Jirav is a core element of the next generation of client solutions for Aprio and Aprio Cloud."

Bruce Phillips

Managing Director & Partner at Aprio Cloud

Bruce Phillips

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The power of smart business

The accounting landscape is changing rapidly. In a word, complexity, defines the single greatest challenge, and opportunity, facing CPAs. Firms are rethinking their strategies for practice management, client services and talent development.

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