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As the business environment evolves, the need for greater trust, security and distinction in the marketplace has become more important than ever. The internet is a key opportunity to promote your firm and differentiate yourself within a crowded marketplace.​ in conjunction with the AICPA are empowering accounting professionals to enhance their digital presence through dedicated solutions available exclusively to the CPA profession that offers:

  • Protection: Safeguard your firm’s data and client personal information.
  • Differentiation: Distinguish your firm as a trusted leader through your website and your emails.
  • Trust: Enhance client trust through AICPA verified online channels.



Practice Management Solutions

.cpa Domain

.cpa Domain

A verified, secure domain exclusively for the profession

.cpa domains offer a verified, secure domain exclusively for the accounting profession. Protect your firm’s data and your clients’ personal information with a harder-to-spoof online identity.

A .cpa domain offers a new level of distinction that highlights your expertise and makes it easier for prospective clients to find you online.

Dedicated CPA email solution for AICPA members email offers a custom-branded email address that advances your digital and professional image. email moves your email from consumer to professional-grade while helping you organize contacts and schedules and maintain overall communication.

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