AICPA and Tech Symposiums

Convening the top SMEs on Emerging Categories to Explore the Future Impacts on Finance & Accounting

AI Symposium

In January 2024, as a part of’s GenAI initiative AICPA and are convening subject matter experts, technologists, practice leaders, and solution providers to explore the real and potential impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) on the accounting & finance role. Stay tuned for top insights and strategies shared at this unique event, and in the meantime, download our latest special report on Tech-Driven Transformation.

ESG Symposium

In 2023, the AICPA and held the inaugural ESG symposium to convene a diverse group of representatives from companies, investors, firms, lenders, attorneys, consultants, standard setters and tech solutions that are deeply involved in the ESG space. This mind-share explored the critical factors in an organization’s ongoing success, a greater focus on ESG enables companies to manage related risks and benefit from the opportunities.


Blockchain Symposium

The annual Blockchain in Accountancy Symposium hosted by the AICPA and in collaboration with the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (WSBA), convenes the most sought-after blockchain experts, regulators, developers, and firms who are leading the way in blockchain service delivery and support. Together, we collaborate and provide a broad update to help frame and advance the conversation around the real and potential impacts of blockchain on the profession as well as on business and global commerce. It is an opportunity to build connections and engage in exploratory discussions centered on the emerging technology.


Additional Blockchain Resources:

AICPA resources – the AICPA has a wide range of resources including certificate programs and a new Practice Aid from the blockchain working group. Access the latest materials and identify new learning opportunities.

Wall Street Blockchain Alliance – the WSBA is an industry leading non-profit trade association with a mission to guide and promote comprehensive adoption of blockchain technology across global markets. Firms that are interested in getting more involved in blockchain are welcome to join the WSBA and participate in the different accounting working groups that the AICPA and proactively collaborate with. Learn more about our partnership with the WSBA.