OnPoint PCR

A smarter way to do preparation, compilation, and review engagements

CPA.com and CaseWare

OnPoint PCR


Enhancing the efficiency, quality and value of assurance and preparation services

When working on preparation, compilation, and review (PCR) engagements, how much of your time is spent doing repetitive tasks, managing the details around planning the engagement, ensuring you're completing the right checklists or the right procedures within checklists, or tracking communications and following up on requests to clients?

OnPoint PCR combines AICPA methodology and guidance with CaseWare's dynamic cloud platform, to optimize preparation, compilation, and review engagements.

  1. Each engagement begins with a set of basic questions, from which the tool builds out a streamlined set of applicable procedures.
  2. As you work, unnecessary steps and workpapers are filtered out automatically, keeping you focused on only what is applicable.
  3. Letters and reports are dynamically updated as you step through this process.
  4. The end result: An optimized engagement for each client.

The solution centralizes the many components of preparation, compilation and review work through a single platform:

  • Engagement management
  • Engagement methodology
  • AICPA guidance
  • PBC document management
  • Trial balance tools
  • Creation of reports and letters