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CPA.com offers a growing list of digital products and services that help CPA firms succeed in practice management, client advisory services and professional development. More than half of the 45,000 CPA firms in the United States – including all of the Top 100 firms–use some service from cpa.com and its partners.

The company has emerged as a thought leader on cloud technology and an advocate for its adoption, believing in the transformational benefits it can have on how firms deliver client services. Virtual CFO/Controllership services is one example of a practice area that has been redefined by cloud technology and CPA.com’s training and solutions have served as a catalyst for the reemergence of this formerly low-margin, less strategic practice area. Over one thousand firms have gone through our workshops, which offer best practices and insights from leading firms. In addition, our conferences, webcasts and other training resources have served as the guiding force behind the development of the Digital CPA Program, which includes our flagship Digital CPA conference and the Digital CPA Network, an informal community of firms embracing technology and innovation to build thriving new lines of business.

In addition to its partner solutions, CPA.com has also launched its own technology solutions that will have a significant impact on other areas of the firm. The RIVIO Clearinghouse, a joint venture between CPA.com and Confirmation.com, is an online financial document clearinghouse that enables private businesses to exchange key financial information with their investors and lenders, as well as retrieve information from their CPA firm, ensuring data is submitted from an authenticated source.

CPA.com is a majority-owned subsidiary of the American Institute of CPAs, the world’s largest member organization representing the accounting profession. The company has its headquarters in New York City and offices in Silicon Valley, Calif., Dexter, Mich., and Durham, N.C. Contact us to learn more.



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CPA.com was formed in 2001 by the Board and Governing Council of the American Institute of CPAs. It was the height of the dot-com era and the infancy of what would become today’s cloud computing movement. Recognizing early on the game-changing impact the cloud would have on the accounting profession, AICPA created CPA.com to help firms maintain relevancy in the Digital Age.

AICPA leadership understood the unprecedented pace of technological change required firms to adapt quickly, and also realized the inherent challenges of the partnership model in being able to meet that goal. It challenged CPA.com management to create a business model, value proposition and infrastructure to help firms identify emerging trends and technologies and provide education, training and resources that would accelerate adoption.

In 2012, CPA.com launched the Digital CPA Network, a key milestone in the creation of a community of practitioners dedicated to building “future-ready” firms. The Digital CPA franchise has expanded to include workshops, webcasts and other educational materials.



CPA.com is known for bringing innovative solutions to the profession, either in partnership with leading solutions providers or directly through its own development. The company has established itself as a thought leader on emerging technologies and as the trusted business advisor to practitioners across the country.

“The evolution of CPA core services is a must in order to maintain our position of trust in a changing world. Technology is a key part of that equation, and CPA.com plays a leading role in helping practitioners embrace innovation.”

Barry Melancon, CPA
President and CEO, American Institute of CPAs

CPA.com (formerly known as CPA2Biz) adopted its new name in 2014 to more closely align with its broader mission of “empowering CPAs and businesses for the digital age.” In 2016, CPA.com and Confirmation.com jointly launched RIVIO Clearinghouse, an online financial document exchange for private companies that fills a key marketplace need for CPA firms, lenders and investors, and private businesses.




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Erik Asgeirsson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Cerami

VP, Strategic Alliances & Business Development

Chris Cromer

Director, Operations

Michael Ham

VP, Technology

Vikram Holla

Director, Product Development

Eva Lem


Rachel Leventhal

Director, Business Development

Samantha Mansfield

Director, Professional Development and Community

Mike McCarthy

Senior Director, Program Management

Kalil Merhib

Director, Business Development & Enterprise Sales

Michael Murray, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Robinson

Director, Sales

Edward Rose

Director, Product Marketing & Online Production

Vishal Thakkar

Director, Alliance Marketing



  • Erik Asgeirsson
    President and CEO, CPA.com, Inc.
  • James Eisenmann
    Former Chairman, Aon Insurance Services & Aon Global Professional Services
  • Kenneth Mackunis
    President, Aon Insurance Services, Aon Inc.
  • Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA
    President and CEO, American Institute of CPAs



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The accounting landscape is changing rapidly and one word—complexity—defines both the greatest challenge and opportunity for CPAs. To keep pace with client expectations, firms are rethinking their strategies for practice management, client services and talent development.

CPA.com is your primary source for taking the complexity out of moving your firm into the digital arena - enabling you to focus on growing your business with the smartest solutions in our profession.

To learn more about CPA.com, please contact our team at inquire@hq.cpa.com or by calling 1.855.855.5CPA.