Here’s a new and better way to help your clients access working capital – fast

What happens when your clients need access to working capital in order to fuel their business plans? Maybe they’re staffing up and need to fund fast-growing payroll expenses. Or maybe they need to buy equipment to ramp up production. How do they get financing when they need it, and what role does your firm play in helping them?

In the past, it probably looked something like this:

  1. Client discusses plans, goals, and current finances with accounting firm
  2. Accountant suggests type and amount of loan to match client goals
  3. Client applies for loan through bank
  4. Bank requests documentation, leading client back to accounting firm
  5. Accounting firm provides documentation to client or directly to the bank
  6. Client waits and hopes for the best


This is an unnecessarily clunky process for delivering on clients’ pressing needs. For starters, it tends to take too long. And when financing can get approved overnight, this sequence of events can take days or even weeks before the client can access the funding.

Additionally, the client often gets hit with high interest rates and a rigid loan structure that isn’t nearly as advantageous as what they should get. After all, the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) showed that businesses working with CPA firms are more bankable, better prepared, and qualify for lending faster than those who don’t work with CPA firms, which positions them for better rates and a more flexible repayment structure. Most banks, however, don’t distinguish between these two groups – to the detriment of well-prepared clients working with firms like yours.

Your clients deserve better.

A new lending tool to help clients get the working capital they need - fast

These are a few of the reasons why has just added a Working Capital financing option to its innovative CPA Business Funding Portal, created in partnership with leading FinTech Biz2Credit. This business financing solution has been used by over 6,000 firms to secure much needed financing for their clients. Originally created to support CPA firms that are helping their clients secure government-backed business relief through the PPP, the Portal has helped thousands of businesses obtain nearly 40,000 PPP loans totaling more than $1.5 billion in business relief. Based on that success, the Portal has expanded to include alternative financing options such as Term Loans and most recently, Working Capital.

With the new Working Capital financing option, firms can deliver a whole new level of service to small business clients – many of whom don’t know how to attain this type of funding or are at risk of committing to unfavorable terms. With your help, these clients can:

  • Secure working capital ranging from $25K to $2 million
  • Get approved in 24 hours – or less
  • Benefit from flexible repayment structures based on revenue – payable from receipts daily, weekly, or bimonthly
  • Target a wide range of business expenses, from payroll to equipment purchases and beyond


This is one of the most effective, efficient paths to working capital for most small business clients.

Nobody is better positioned than you to help small business clients

Your firm’s unparalleled view into the financial health of your small business clients, and your ability to help clients at the moment they need it most, can be transformational.

By helping a client determine how much working capital they need to achieve their goals, you’ll be doing your duty as their strategic advisor. Help them get approved for favorable working capital within 24 hours, and they’ll remember your support for years. That’s how the deepest loyalty is built – and the CPA Business Funding Portal brings it within reach for you and your clients immediately.

Plus, your firm can add a new revenue stream by earning commissions on financing applications that are funded, up to 2.00% of the funded amount. If your firm simply wants to provide these financing options to clients without a commission, the opt-out process is simple. You can also begin value billing for the guidance and support you’re providing to your clients by using the Portal to procure the financing they need.

Start building an even stronger, deeper relationship with your clients today

Joining the CPA Business Funding Portal is easy, and once your firm is verified, selected an annual subscription plan, and has been granted access to the Portal, you will benefit from an intuitive, cloud-based tool for submitting client financing applications. Imagine helping one of your clients identify the working capital needed to support their business at a critical time – and then being able to deliver a favorable financing arrangement to them within a day. This new tool makes it possible – and not just for Working Capital financing, but for Term Loans and Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Loans as well, with even more financing options like SBA 7(a) and SBA Express loans on the way.

To learn more about the Portal, its financing options, subscription plans, pricing, and how to apply for your firm’s account, visit:

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