Build and accelerate your ESG practice to help your clients stay ahead of regulatory changes and Good.Lab
ESG Practice Development Program


In the face of forthcoming SEC regulations on environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting, larger companies will be mandating ESG compliance reporting for their mid-market suppliers. This presents a pivotal moment for accounting firms.

Firms that optimize efficient, scalable delivery of ESG services, position themselves as thought leaders in the space and educate clients around the importance of this emerging area will be poised to thrive amongst the change.

The ESG Practice Development Program, in partnership with Good.Lab, presents a structured and guided approach for firms to create, foster and expedite the expansion of their ESG practice.


The comprehensive program is designed to support firms with strategy and business model design around ESG. It comprises four foundational components:


ESG practice design

Build a customized firm roadmap to help clients navigate the ESG landscape based on market fit and latest trends

  • Tailored to your target market
  • Clear definition of product offering
  • Regular review meetings with cohort peers
  • Trends and analytics tracking

Thought leadership

Position your firm as market leader through curated and customized content

  • Content including articles, social media and emails to integrate into your marketing efforts, along with meta data for search engine optimization
  • Deep dives, webinars, white papers and case studies to post to your firm website
  • Customer workshops
  • Regular SEO and SEM insights

Service delivery enablement

Gain access to essential learning and resources to help your staff deliver high-value ESG services to clients

  • Library of service delivery tools, templates and best practices
  • Technical trainings
  • Regulatory trainings
  • Access to subject matter experts

Tools for growth

Access sales and marketing templates to help build business

  • Catalog of sales decks, scope and pricing templates
  • Sales trainings
  • Subject matter expert support

Examples in action

The ESG Practice Development Program provides a monthly update of tailored articles, blogs and other content to boost your digital presence and drive client conversations. The customized content will allow you to reflect your unique brand, while also maximizing SEO for your firm.