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Today's competitive landscape requires accounting professionals to be innovative. While maintaining a focus on technology to support on-demand client services, successful firm leaders are consistently evaluating services to expand their advisor role and provide unprecedented value. Providing a sales and use tax offering is one way firms can do this, and differentiate their services within a highly competitive profession. and Vertex have partnered to bring firms a best of breed end-to-end sales and use tax solution by combining cutting-edge technology with a real-world understanding of corporate tax software and services.

Powered by advanced cloud technology, the Vertex solution provides sales and use tax automation across the board to support clients and ensure compliance. The complexity of keeping up with thousands of jurisdictions and rapidly changing sales tax rates is simplified — allowing you to expand your trusted advisor role — and keep your clients off the radar, avoiding audits and hefty penalties. provides Education, Account Management, Experience, Firm Adoption, Guidance, Tools, Resources and Strategy.

Vertex Cloud provides everything you need for sales and use tax automation to ensure compliance.

Here is what it can do for you and your clients:

Calculations and Returns in One Solution

Perform tax calculations and generate signature-ready PDF returns in one solution.

Consumer Use Tax

Calculate consumer use tax and file your consumer use tax returns.

Exemption Certificate Management

Store, update, and maintain exemption certificates.

Rate Files

Download rate files by state or upload addresses for your specific business needs and access tax rate files.

Returns Only Offering

Upload tax data files from any data source and generate signature-ready PDF returns. Access analytics to determine if your tax calculations are accurate.

Additionally, integration with mid-market ERPs and e-commerce platforms are available — providing enhanced capability for sales and use tax calculations specific to the native ERP, accounting system or ecommerce platform.


The Firm Advisor Program helps you provide higher value advisory services to your clients by extending your offerings into sales and use tax. The program is customizable to the needs of your firm, with the following benefits accessible to you as part of the Accountant Console:


Provides data analytics and quick navigation to commonly used functions.

User Access

Provides data analytics and quick navigation to commonly used functions.


Grants access to your client data and returns 24X7 through a cloud-based solution.


Enables the ability to view and analyze information via detailed reports.

End-to-end Solution

Delivers configuration, calculation and returns in a single solution to fulfill your clients' sales and use tax obligations. and Vertex

Firm Advisor Program

Program Resources:

Online training, including video tutorials.
Marketing toolkit, including sample client letters and banner ads for your website.
Thought leadership around current legislation via timely white-papers, case studies and educational webinars.

Referral Program

We are committed to helping you continue to expand your trusted advisor role and support clients in the area of sales and use tax compliance. Within the Firm Advisor Program, you also have the option to refer your clients to Vertex Cloud where you will pass along major benefits and be assured that they are in the hands of an expert.

See and hear how Vertex Cloud is making an impact in today's firms

Vertex Cloud Testimonial - Joni Johnson-Powe, J.D. CPA

Joni Johnson-Powe, J.D., CPA, CEO/Principal at Taxnologi Solutions, LLC explains how the Vertex/ partnership provides opportunity for CPA firms with the Sales Tax Automation Program.

Vertex Cloud Testimonial – Craig Cookle, CPA – Sales and Use Tax: Opportunity

Craig Cookle, CPA, Partner at Wipfli LLP discusses the implications of growing aggressive state regulations and the opportunity this presents for your firm. How can you help your clients?

Only offers your firm this level of support and strategy

Educate firms on how adding sales and use tax services can transform their practice
Dedicated account management from experienced representatives
Expert guidance and tools to help you grow your practice
Experience in working with thousands of firms that have adopted cloud technology
Provide consultative advice to help firms build out their strategy
Connect firms to the resources they need to be successful

The power of smart business

The accounting landscape is changing rapidly. In a word, Complexity, defines the single greatest challenge, and opportunity, facing CPAs. Firms are rethinking their strategies for practice management, client services and talent development. is your primary source for taking the complexity out of moving your Firm into the digital arena — enabling you to focus on growing your business with the smartest solutions in our industry.

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