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Meet Clients’ Sales & Use Tax Needs – No Expertise Required

Sales and use tax (SUT) is an area that is experiencing increased complexity. Given Wayfair, now topped with the current pandemic - many businesses are (or will be) looking to their tax professionals to help ease the impact of expanded SUT regulations.

As a result, firms have an opportunity to help their business clients with yet another important aspect of their tax and accounting strategies: SUT compliance. No matter the size of the firm or even the depth of their current SUT offerings - whether they have a dedicated SUT service in place, or no SUT offerings or expertise at all – referral options can play an important role in providing a response to client SUT demand.

Referring clients to the right SUT-focused vendor can complement a firm’s already existing offering and/or allow them to still serve as a trusted advisor around this challenging area for many business clients.

Watch this on-demand webinar to understand why a referral strategy is a beneficial option for firms. You’ll learn how augmenting your firm’s capabilities with a referred vendor can allow you to continue being a supportive partner to your clients while tapping into this growing opportunity.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the benefit of responding to clients’ SUT needs, regardless of your current offerings
  • Learn how the referral option can fit into your current service strategy
  • Learn how to evaluate SUT referral partners