Build your sales & use tax practice

Compliance & Advisory:
Roadmap to Your Sales and Use Tax Practice Model

The market is demanding a sales & use tax advisor. Build your practice to capitalize on the opportunity.

Sales and Use Tax (SUT) had a turning point in 2018 following the Wayfair decision where compliance reporting requirements expanded significantly in the digital, e-commerce world we operate in. To stay compliant, businesses are expected to understand and navigate these uncharted waters, bringing about confusion and the need for proactive outreach from their Trusted Business Advisor™. With the changing regulatory environment as well as the increased market demand, firms have an emerging opportunity to develop proactive services to ensure compliance.

This workshop will give practitioners the roadmap they need to build a successful SUT service model, turning a reactive service into a high value, fast-growing revenue line. The instructors of this interactive workshop will share best practices and strategies that have been proven in practice to help you expedite the development of this practice area.