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Crypto assets are here to stay, so it comes as no surprise that the IRS has taken note. For the 2020 tax season, the IRS has transitioned the virtual currency question from Schedule 1 to page 1 of Form 1040, emphasizing to the approximate 14% of U.S. taxpayers who own crypto assets, the importance of accurately reporting their crypto income.

For accounting firms this is an important development, as you play a pivotal role as trusted advisors to your clients by informing, educating, and helping clients navigate the new IRS guidance, while accurately reporting crypto income and ensuring compliance. Now more than ever, with the IRS’s increased scrutiny of crypto asset reporting, firms have an opportunity to enhance their tax services through consultation and preparation of clients’ returns, resulting in additional revenue.

To support the profession, and Lukka have partnered to provide CPA firms with an advanced virtual currency tax preparation platform – LukkaTax for Professionals. This intuitive software is built specifically for the accounting professional to deliver accurate crypto tax calculations and is exclusively available as part of’s preferred tax solutions. provides Education, Account Management, Experience, Firm Adoption, Guidance, Tools, Resources and Strategy.

LukkaTax Partner Program

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The Lukka Partner Program helps accountants serve existing clients, scale operations, and drive new revenue streams through educational programs and powerful crypto asset solutions. Through the program, tax practitioners can better understand and address the unique challenges of the evolving crypto investment landscape.

Rapid on-boarding

  • Easy configuration for multiple users and their clients.
  • Intuitive interface and multiple accounting methods.

Guide crypto asset clients

  • Anticipate and respond to the needs of crypto-invested clients with confidence.
  • Help clients who received IRS virtual currency letters.

Scale efficiently for growth

  • Manage all clients using a single login, via a central dashboard.
  • Support high volumes of clients and transactions.

Grow your client base

  • Leverage resources and FAQs to support your crypto asset client base expansion.

How LukkaTax Works

LukkaTax LukkaTax

Lukka Library: Resources to Help Build Your Crypto Acumen

  • Access year-round content and knowledge on the cryptocurrency ecosystem and develop your skill set to break into the crypto market
  • Content written by crypto industry experts such as CPAs & Tax Attorneys, Auditors & Regulators, and Professional Traders & Expert Individuals sharing their unique perspectives, opinions and debates on varying crypto topics
  • Over 75+ papers on multiple crypto subjects including Tax Reporting, Forks & Air Drops, Mining & Staking and more.

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From gathering trade data to calculating gain/loss, Lukka ensures accuracy through every step of the tax calculation process.

Here's what Lukka can do for you and your clients:

Automate Data Collection:

  • Efficiently collecting transactions across the distributed crypto ecosystem via methods that enable data completeness

Resolve Industry Discrepancies

  • Automatically standardizing crypto tickers/pairs to eliminate data inconsistencies

Determine Fair Market Value (FMV)

  • Appropriately using a FMV-based valuation methodology — not index pricing

Manage the Complexities

  • Accurately accounting for mining income, spot and margin trades, transfers and fees

Match Your Tax Lots

  • Optimizing transaction matching at a global level — not at an exchange level

Deliver Accounting Flexibility

  • Providing multiple accounting methodologies for managing tax liability

Simplify Reporting

  • Easily storing and generating tax lot and Form 8949 outputs and reports

Build Confidence

  • Reducing risk by utilizing the only SOC1 TYPE2 and SOC2 TYPE2 crypto reporting infrastructure

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