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Today’s more competitive business environment calls for a more competitive CAS offering. CAS 2.0 is a holistic approach to business transformation and change management firms need to efficiently provide next level advisory services. It lets firms stand out with more strategic, insightful and transformative services that clients are – or will be – looking for.

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What is CAS 2.0?
CAS 2.0 is a methodology and framework developed by CPA.com for delivering high-value client advisory services (CAS) in a technology-enabled service delivery model. It is built on four key pillars of business strategy & focus: Strategy & Governance, Practice Development, Technology, and Centers of Excellence. The CAS 2.0 methodology underpins the entirety of the CAS maturity model, encompassing both Financial CAS and Business Insights CAS.



CAS | 2.0 Methodology & Framework

Strategy & Governance
  • Firm/Practice Strategy
  • Practice Leadership
  • Governance & Accountability
  • Client Management
  • Compensation
  • Internal Communication
Practice Development
  • Business model definition
  • KPIs & practice management
  • Service delivery model
  • Client assessment
  • Pricing strategies
  • Marketing & sales
Technology Solutions
  • Implementation expertise and methodology
  • Technology selection
  • PSA (and other practice) solutions
  • Tech-stack design
  • Verticalized solution design
  • Holistic Fintech design
Center of Excellence
  • Methodology blueprinting
  • Defined skills, roles & responsibilities
  • Onboarding, engagement & offboarding workflows
  • Detailed procedure documentation using PSA tools
  • Upskilling of implementation & processing teams
  • Subscription MSP framework

CAS 2.0: Cracking the Code with a Multi-dimensional Approach

Client Advisory Services (CAS) ranging from basic outsourced accounting services to Virtual CFO.
A holistic approach to re-engineering the delivery of client advisory services, digital transformation, and business insights.
Not a technology solution conversation in a vacuum.
CAS alignment with VAR, consulting as well as other traditional practice areas (tax, audit, etc.)
A framework for unifying under a singular Advisory Services approach.
A methodology for building the Digital Transformation Advisory practice of the future.

Learning Resources:

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