A beginner's journey: CAS Workshop Experience

Matt Tunink was tasked with implementing cloud solutions into his firm. His first step was attended's Client Advisory Workshop.

Contributors to 200% Growth

Kevin Stephens, partner of Hinton Burdick, says people + knowledge + technology contributed to 200% growth.

Define or measure success?

Neal Spencer reminding us how to define success, not measuring it.

Is too much advice possible?

Neal Spencer, 2016 Digital CPA Conference keynote speaker, discusses with Samantha Mansfield ways to navigate making gut wrenching decisions.

Do you have the same passion for your job as your sport team?

When you have integrity, quality and people what else do you need to run a successful practice? Neal Spencer, founder of Thrive or Just Survive, discusses 1... Read more

Seeing Opportunities Through the Challenges

Kevin Stephens, partner of Hinton Burdick, discussing opportunity of meeting high client expectations.

Audit Confirmations

The Importance of Authentication and Authorization

Brian Fox, CPA discusses common trends of sending confirmation requests to third parties, and the risk to firms that don't follow proper authentication... Read more

Alan Anderson-New strategies to efficiently manage audit confirmations

Alan Anderson, Founder of ACCOUNT-ability Plus, discusses a new approach for firms to manage their audit confirmations. Testimonial - Mark Zinman, CPA, CITP

Watch Mark Zinman, managing partner at Zinman & Company, explain how has helped streamline their audit confirmation process and bring... Read more Introduction

Learn more about and how their online audit confirmations can help you better manage your confirmation process.

Confirmation Firm Testimonial, Kim Thomason Firm Testimonial: Thomason Financial Resources

Confirmation Testimonial, Brian Joyce

Joseph Decosimo and Company, PLLCs

Bill Management

Automating the Bill Payment Process - Stacey White

Stacey White of Accumulus Advisors shares how utilizing makes the bill payment process a lot easier and frees up time to work on more complex tasks... Read more

Harness the power of an automated bill management solution

Manage your client's cash flow, payables and receivables - anytime, anywhere Testimonial, Jill Frillman

Bookkeeping Etc., Inc. Testimonial, Patrick Teixeira

Sea View Partners Testimonial, Pat Carson

Carson & Crew Testimonial, Diana Murray

ASAP Accounting and Payroll Services

Client Accounting

Providing Outsourced Accounting Services with Intacct

Stacey White of Accumulus Advisors shares how Intacct helps them provide their clients with peace of mind by providing the accounting support they need.... Read more

Elevating the Outsourced Accounting Practice - Paula Saidy

Paula Saidy of Burr Pilger Mayer discusses how the firm leverages technology to provide real-time services for their clients and increase value.

Evolution of Technology - Javier Goldin, CPA

Javier Goldin of Goldin Group shares why client accounting is an area with tremendous growth opportunities and how his firm is delivering these services to... Read more

Providing Client Advisory Services - Russ Faye

Russ Faye of Wiss & Company discusses the advisory support they provide to clients with cloud technology

Intacct Testimonial, McGladrey

Intacct Testimonial: Barbara Martin & Michael Smith from McGladrey

Human Capital Management

Paychex Testimonial - David Ligotti, CPA/PFS

Hear how David Ligotti, owner of Oakwood Business Services, LLC utilizes Paychex to help process and maintain over 30 payrolls per week for his restaurant... Read more

Paychex Partner Program

The value of the Paychex Partner Program

Kevin Besikoff - Paychex

Kevin Basikof of Lurie, Basikof, Lapidus & Company LLP talks about payroll outsourcing with Paychex

Sales & Use Tax

Vertex SMB Testimonial - Craig Cookle, CPA - Sales and Use Tax: Importance of Proactive Conversations with Clients

Craig Cookle, CPA, Partner at Wipfli LLP offers his guidance on the importance of having proactive sales and use tax conversations with your clients.

Vertex SMB Testimonial - Craig Cookle, CPA - Sales and Use Tax: Opportunity

Craig Cookle, CPA, Partner at Wipfli LLP discusses the implications of growing aggressive state regulations and the opportunity this presents for your firm.... Read more

Vertex SMB Testimonial - Craig Cookle, CPA - Sales and Use Tax: Current Regulatory Issues

Craig Cookle, CPA, Partner at Wipfli LLP provides insight on the current regulatory issues that will affect your clients’ businesses. and Vertex SMB Sales Tax Automation Program

Revolutionize the way your firm handles sales and use tax compliance for your small to mid-size business clients.

Unassigned Data Report

The Vertex SMB Unassigned Data Report is used to identify taxes collected in locations where you aren’t currently registered. This helps clients to determine... Read more

Returns Only Filing

The Returns Only offering allows firms to generate accurate, compliant, and signature-ready returns. These returns can then be filed, or allow Vertex SMB to... Read more

Workflow Automation

Dustin Hostetler, Chief Innovation Officer, and Lean Six Sigma Consultant, Boomer Consulting, Inc.

Dustin Hostetler discusses how to effectively and successfully implement process improvements during a merger.

Marc Staut, Industry Thought Leader And Strategist

Marc Staut discusses the importance of matching cultures during a merger and how technology plays a significant role in that process.

James Bourke, CPA, CITP, CFF, CGMA, Partner, WithumSmith+Brown

Jim Bourke discusses the importance of having IT at the seat of the table in the planning phase of M&A and the cost per FTE for technology that firms... Read more

Jim Boomer, CPA.CITP, MBA, CEO, Boomer Consulting, Inc.

Jim Boomer explains the key drivers to M&A activity and 5 key areas to address in your firm to ensure success.

XCM Testimonial - Greg Kaufman and Jeff Seargeant, CPA

Watch Greg Kaufman and Jeff Seargeant, co-founders and partners at Waypoint Solutions, explain how XCM has helped streamline their processes and bring... Read more