Demystifying AI for the accounting and finance profession

Generative AI Initiative


Recognizing the tremendous potential for Generative AI (GenAI) to reshape the accounting and finance profession, is leading a multi-part GenAI initiative to support CPAs’ understanding and application of this transformative technology. This collection of resources aims to empower professionals to assess the possibilities and make informed decisions on how to implement GenAI into their practices in a risk-averse way.

This is one of’s several strategic initiatives that deliver on our mission to empower the profession in the digital age.

Check back regularly for updated information, learning opportunities and materials as the capabilities of this technology continue to evolve.


Resources for an evolving AI landscape


Toolkit: Building your AI strategy

Take a deeper dive into GenAI and the specific opportunities and risks that accounting and finance professionals should consider as they begin to formulate their AI strategy with this award-winning resource.


Toolkit: Building your AI strategy

The Rise of GenAI

Top insights from’s year-long research initiative into GenAI’s transformative impacts on the profession, including findings from the AICPA / AI Symposium, firm use cases, interviews with AI experts, and more.


Understanding the GenAI Landscape

Below you’ll find resources offering a high-level perspective on the current AI landscape and how GenAI can be optimized for the accounting and finance profession:

AI in Accounting


Generative AI in the Accounting Profession


ChatGPT in accounting and finance


Disrupt Disruption


Firm transformation through AI and culture


ChatGPT and the hype around generative AI

The Rise of GenAI

Use case tutorials has identified specific use cases categorized by practice or business sub-set most likely to benefit from the implementation of GenAI. View video walkthroughs that illustrate how to Build the right prompts for practical application.

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Security & Risk Considerations

Understanding the associated security implications becomes crucial for businesses across industries. This document outlines the top security and risk considerations with remediation recommendations.


Key terminology

Explore a handy glossary of terms to help you navigate this emerging technology.


Startup Accelerator

The 2024 AICPA and Startup Accelerator cohort specifically focuses on companies developing novel AI solutions for the profession.

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“AI will make you a superhuman, you will become even more valuable to clients. The only problem is if you don’t evolve yourself and use it.”

Pascal Finette, be radical

“We believe Generative AI’s impact will be much more profound and happen a lot faster than other technology advancements such as cloud computing. Nearly every accounting technology provider today is exploring if and how generative AI can be integrated into their existing solutions to address firms' top challenges.”

Erik Asgeirsson, CEO,

“Part of the challenge is that it's very difficult to see all the ways that generative AI will evolve and emerge. It is so powerful, and it's moving really fast.”

Aaron Harris, CTO, Sage

“We just have to start. Find a way to make the use of AI a habit.”

Jason Staats, founder, Realize

“Today's LLMs produce generated output, not computed answers, which means you shouldn't trust them with math or financial analysis. Expect this to improve in the next 12-18 months.”

Jeff Seibert, CEO, Digits