Meet the growing demand for authenticated financial information.

RIVIO Clearinghouse

3 unique users, 1 RIVIO Clearinghouse

CPA Firms

Reduces the risk of fraudulent use of the firm signature and provides recall controls.

Private Businesses

Provides a digital repository to  securely collect and distribute financial information.

Third Party Users

Delivers an authenticated document digitally, reducing risk of fraud.

financial information exchange. is bringing private company financial information exchange into the 21st century with the RIVIO clearinghouse. The online platform is designed to meet the need for accurate, source-driven and verified information and facilitates communication among three distinct users - CPA firms, private businesses and third parties.

For years in the United States, only public companies had access to a dedicated financial statement clearinghouse that supported authenticated document exchange among key stakeholders. Private companies have had to rely on more basic alternatives, such as email and courier services to distribute their sensitive financial documents.

While functional, users of financial information cannot be certain if the documents they receive have been altered. Additionally, due to the proliferation of the cloud, and the rapid rate at which the audit profession is changing, this is no longer a viable approach. The private company market has been missing a solution which provides source confirmation and authentication of financial statements. With RIVIO, those needs have been met.

Elevating your financial information exchange to a new level.

Be part of the effort to end the era of financial statement fraud, and move towards a more reliable, and trusted source for all invested parties that validates CPA Firms and ensures unaltered financial documents are delivered to key financial stakeholders.


CPA Firm benefits:

CPA Firm Validation

  • Confirms firms are licensed with the appropriate State Board of Accountancy and current in their relevant peer-review commitments

Source Confirmation and Document Authentication

  • Reduced risk of fraud in loan, investment and other financial and management decisions
  • Increased levels of confidence to third-party users that data is accurate and unaltered

Reduced Risk and Liability Exposure

  • Serving as a safeguard against lawsuits, which can arise when private companies alter or forge a CPA's audit report or referenced financial statements
  • Safeguarding a firm's brand and reputation in cases involving fictitious use of a firm's name

Control For Distribution and User Notification

  • All withdrawals and changes are communicated to any recipients who have received the documents
  • Report access is limited to a class of users specified by the CPA

Document Requests and Tracking

  • A real-time means for requesting documents
  • Easier, faster access to information to support lender, investor and borrower decision making

RIVIO: Repository of Intelligent Validated Inputs and Outputs

RIVIO Clearinghouse

Elevate your business to the new benchmark.


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