How The Subscription Model Can Transform Your Firm via FP&A Advisory

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How The Subscription Model Can Transform Your Firm via FP&A Advisory

Ron Baker, who has ignited the transition to the subscription business model for accounting firms, will moderate this panel around how your firm should and can price your FP&A advisory practice to reap the benefits of an outcome-based subscription model.

Our panelists have transformed their respective practices with the shift to subscription pricing and FP&A Advisory and will share the strategies that actually helped them make these monumental changes - irrespective of the firm’s size. This includes rethinking your business model strategy, the advantages of moving to a subscription model, and the long-term value it generates for the firm.

Learning objectives:

  • Rethink your business model strategy, branding and positioning when transitioning to a subscription model.
  • Identify the key advantages of moving to a subscription model that focuses on outcomes vs hourly (inputs) or fixed-priced (outputs) approaches.
  • Discover strategies on how to develop and deploy the subscription model to your customers.
  • Recognize how the subscription pricing model can enhance your firm's enterprise value by boosting multiples and positioning you for a successful exit strategy.

Note: This on-demand webinar does not offer CPE credit


  • Ron Baker, Author Time’s Up | Founder of VeraSage Institute
  • Devon Saris, Sr. Customer Success Manager |


  • Dawn Brolin, CPA, CEO | Powerful Accountant, Inc
  • Jody Grunden, CPA, Partner | Head, Summit CPA by Anders
  • Jenni Huotari, CPA, Partner| Eide Bailly LLP