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How Your Firm Can Launch Higher Revenue Advisory Services via FP&A

Advisory is the buzzword in the accounting industry. Firms are moving to an outsourced services model (CAS) to deliver a set of services to their clients. They include bookkeeping, accounting, bill pay, and other transactional services.

However, in order to move the needle from an advisory standpoint - one of the key strategies is to build an FP&A Advisory practice by offering true strategic value to the client - moving from the historical (rearview mirror) to the future (windshield) view. These sets of ‘services’ often include budgeting, annual planning, forecasting, rolling forecasts that create higher value services but more importantly, higher monthly recurring revenue streams for the accounting firm.

Many thought leaders are preaching to firms to get into FP&A Advisory (the what). But few are addressing: How do I start an FP&A Advisory practice.

In this webinar, we will demystify FP&A Advisory. We will discuss six practical steps on how to launch a successful financial planning and analysis service within your CAS practice, including:

  • Step 1 - Committing to the strategy
  • Step 2 - Understanding simple budgeting & forecasting methodologies
  • Step 3 - How to use technology to standardize your FP&A deliverable
  • Step 4 - How to identify your first set of clients
  • Step 5 - How to staff during the first phase
  • Step 6 - How to package and price your services

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