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Taking CAS from Baseline Accounting to Client Advisory: First Steps

“How can we deliver more advisory-level services to clients?"

That’s a question many firms are asking as they look to deepen their relationships with clients by delivering more business insights. Client advisory services (CAS) practices are a natural place to start, especially given the depth and range of client data flowing through these practices every day. All that data holds the keys to insight – for firms with the time and ability to use it.

On the other hand, today many firms are mired down in the manual tasks and processes required for client reporting in their CAS practices, leaving little time for developing and sharing more strategic insights with clients. How can they overcome these challenges to deliver on their client advisory goals?

Our latest report, “Taking CAS from Baseline Accounting to Client Advisory: First Steps” helps show the way, with an in-depth focus on four critical steps for moving up the CAS value chain and developing stronger reporting, analytics and dashboarding capabilities.