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Forecasting and budgeting for CAS clients: A how-to guide for annual planning

Forecasting and budgeting have always been a key part of annual planning for client advisory services (CAS) clients. But this year, it’s different. Facing new pressures ushered in by 2020, clients have a smaller margin for error when it comes to making decisions about their businesses as they head into 2021. In this context, the annual planning process is taking on even greater importance.

If annual planning has been a thankless, painstaking process for your firm in the past, you’re not alone. Leaders at many firms report that planning, forecasting and budgeting require too much time without enough to show for it in terms of stronger business outcomes for clients.

It doesn’t have to be that way. In this webinar, we’ll share insights and best practices that can help you transform the annual planning process from thankless chore into invaluable service for CAS clients. We will provide a full framework for creating a strategic plan including goal setting, driver-based model building, forecasting & budgeting, and ongoing goal tracking using advanced reporting and dashboarding tools.

Participants will benefit from four key objectives:

  • Identify the benefits of driver-based financial modeling as a platform to provide strategic business planning for your clients
  • Find out how to link accurate forecasting to the operational metrics that drive your clients’ business & goals
  • Learn how to set up effective departmental budgets to control costs and create accountability
  • Develop KPI dashboarding that creates real business results for clients through greater transparency


  • Martin Zych, CEO & Co-Founder, Jirav
  • Blake Oliver, VP of Marketing, Jirav

Note: This on-demand webinar does not offer CPE credit.