How firms integrate FP&A with tax for a dynamic client centric advisory

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How firms integrate FP&A with tax for a dynamic client-centric advisory

While there are clear and important connections between accounting and tax services, it can be difficult for firms to develop a sustainable, scalable approach to making these practices work in sync to help clients achieve better tax outcomes. Many firms are increasingly turning to their Financial Planning & Advisory (FP&A) practices to serve as the bridge between the two, creating a more proactive, effective approach to tax strategy that builds on FP&A insights on forecasting, cash flow, tax projections, and more.

How can firms bring FP&A into the mix in an efficient, effective way that minimizes disruption and results in a seamless experience for clients? It takes establishing clear roles, a disciplined approach to workflow and meetings, and structuring teams for maximum impact. In this webinar, we’ll bring together leaders at firms that have successfully integrated their Client Accounting Services (CAS), FP&A, and tax planning practices for a lively discussion full of practical insights drawn from their experiences. Use the button below to reserve your spot now!

Learning Objectives

  • Identify key points of intersection between Tax, Accounting/CAS, and FP&A
  • Learn how teams are structured for success
  • Evaluate best practices for workflow and meeting strategy/structure

Note: This on-demand webinar does not offer CPE credit


  • Adam Hale, CPA, Partner | Summit CPA by Anders
  • Daniel Gertrudes, Founder & CEO | GrowthLab Financial
  • Kim Blascoe, Sr Director, CAS Professional Services |