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A Look Inside a Highly Automated Firm

As firms are challenged to evolve during these uncertain times, one thing became clear: cloud-based technology is essential, and the age of automation is here. By strategically aligning technology and automation with client advisory services (CAS), firms can save time on traditionally manual processes, and focus on helping clients improve inefficiencies and grow their businesses.

Not only does technology and automation add value to your services, it provides new revenue opportunities. We recently surveyed more than 650 accountants and business professionals who purchase accounting firm services, (buyers), to understand their challenges in adopting value pricing for CAS. When it came to changing billing structures, the 27% of respondents who reported being “highly automated,” consistently reported fewer challenges, (such as internal resistance), than their counterparts who rely less heavily on automation.

So, when you look at the adoption of accounting technology automation on a curve of evolution, where do you stand now, and how will you reach maximum efficiency?

In this webinar, Lindsey Wheeler from BILL, and firm practitioners will showcase what a “highly automated firm” looks like, discuss the journey to get there, and help you understand:

  • The value cloud-technology brings to you and your clients
  • The three different levels of the automation curve
  • How to develop a plan to get ahead of the curve, and on the path to a successful, profitable, and efficient CAS practice