Transforming Family Office Management

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Transforming Family Office Management

Unlocking Opportunities for Accountants

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Discover how family offices are evolving in the digital age, and how accountants can seize the opportunity to provide invaluable advisory services.

About the eBook
Explore the world of family office management and learn how it's changing to meet the demands of modern life. and BILL has brought together leading experts in the family office accounting space to share their experiences and help you grow your practice.

You’ll gain insights from:

  • Sharon Berman, CPA, CGMA, Principal, Finance and Accounting Solutions at Rehmann
  • Rebecca A. Makely, CPA, Senior Manager of Advisory Services at Withum
  • John Yeager, Managing Director of Client Accounting & Advisory Services (CAAS) Tech Solutions at Whitley Penn

This eBook delves into:

  • Family Offices: Guardians of tradition and wealth
  • Technology's Role: How tech is reshaping family offices
  • Opportunity for Accountants: From record-keepers to strategic advisors
  • Challenges & Solutions: Pain points, digital adoption, and the role of software
  • The Future: What lies ahead for family office management

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