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Change as a strategy: Building a plan to manage CAS growth

Building a business that puts technology first presents an opportunity to change the shape of the firm landscape. It comes with substantial rewards including increased productivity, stronger client relationships and staff satisfaction. But it also comes with its challenges when not implemented properly. Resistant staff and partial adoption could lead to a disorganized atmosphere, lower client satisfaction and revenue loss.

During this panel discussion, leading CAS experts will be discussing what change management is and why it's a critical piece for firm growth along with best practices and how to move forward through change.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the dos and don’ts for empowering change and leading your firm through evolution.
  • Learn what change management is and how to build a plan for scalable growth.
  • Recognize the communication and persuasion skills needed to effectively implement technology changes.
  • Walk away with best practices and actionable items you can implement right away.

Note: This on-demand webinar does not qualify for CPE credit