Catapult Your CAS Practice: Marketing Strategies to Drive Growth

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Catapult Your CAS Practice: Marketing Strategies to Drive Growth

Client advisory services (CAS) is one of the fastest growing service areas in the accounting profession and offers tremendous opportunity for firms to deliver deeper value to clients at a higher margin. But to build a scalable CAS practice, you must understand the foundational services and how to successfully market them. From accounts payable (AP) to spend and expense management, understanding the ins and outs of these services is key to exponential growth.

During this panel session moderated by Kim Blascoe from, Jim Ashley and Becca Wilson from FORVIS will unveil marketing and education strategies to approach new clients, existing clients and internal stakeholders. They’ll delve into the significance of education, how to identify an ideal prospect and the importance of creating a solid value proposition for your foundational CAS offerings.

Learning Objectives:

  • Distinguish the significance of client advisory services (CAS) within accounting firms and understand the value proposition for both you and your clients.
  • Identify the key challenges encountered in marketing CAS, including foundational services, and formulate strategies to overcome these obstacles.
  • Recognize the foundational elements required for establishing a scalable CAS practice, including accounts payable and spend management and their importance in driving client growth. 
  • Identify targeted approaches to engage internal stakeholders, existing clients, and potential new clients by creating compelling value propositions, communicating effectively, and leveraging strategic marketing tactics tailored to each audience segment.