Secure, effective collaboration around PBC documents and requests

OnPoint Collaborate

OnPoint Collaborate

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Real-time communication platform for staff and clients

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Collaborate Securely and Effectively On PBC Documents and Requests with OnPoint Collaborate

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Creating transparency for effective PBC document and inquiry management

As you move through engagements, how much time and effort are required to ensure you get the right information from your clients at the right time? Does this typically involve multiple back and forth emails and/or phone calls? And what is your client's experience like during this process? Is this potentially a sore spot in your engagement process?

OnPoint Collaborate gives you the power of using pre-defined engagement templates to create a standardized, centralized source of document requests and inquiries for clients. Built on CaseWare Cloud, OnPoint Collaborate keeps you and your clients up to date in real-time on the status of everything you need to get the job done. Here's how it works:

  1. Establish a base set of requests that apply for engagements that you perform.
  2. Customize, as needed, to a client's specific situation, then simply hit the SEND button to invite them to view and respond.
  3. Your client gets a warm welcome email which directs them to the secure, online request center to see everything you need at a glance.
  4. As your client fulfills individual document requests and inquiries, you see in real-time what has been delivered, and you and your clients can even engage in online dialogue to answer questions or provide clarity as needed.
  5. The end result: You and your clients know exactly where things stand at all times, giving you peace of mind and your clients a positive experience.

Key Benefits

OnPoint Collaborate offers an environment that reduces the time and effort in gathering data and documentation from clients through benefits that include:

Establish a Consistent Approach with Firm-Wide Templates:
Configure requests to your liking to establish a foundational approach for PBC documents.
Streamlined Communications that Reduce Email:
Drive the process forward through online transparency instead of back and forth, one-off emails.
Customized, Client Requests:
Questions seen by clients can be intelligently tailored in or out based on how the client responds.
Heightened Visibility into Status of Requests:
Instantly see and track what requests have been fulfilled, which are outstanding, and what questions have been asked in response to requests.


OnPoint Collaborate


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