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Tackling the Top Challenges of A&A Services

Is your firm leveraging a strong technology foundation to standardize its approach to A&A work? If you are looking to improve efficiency and realization rates, overall quality of work and value to clients, having the right technology in place is critical.

The OnPoint A&A Suite, built on the CaseWare Cloud Smart Engagement (SE) platform, is specifically designed to address many of the common challenges firms face, enabling your firm to deliver financial statement services at a lower cost with higher value to your clients.

Watch this overview of the applications designed to enhance your prep, comp, review and audit services. During the presentation, you will learn how you can leverage these solutions, to elevate the efficiency, quality and value of your services. Topics discussed include:

  • What makes the CaseWare Cloud SE platform valuable
  • How to obtain timely and complete information from clients with OnPoint Collaborate
  • How OnPoint PCR and OnPoint EBP modernizes prep, comp & review work and employee benefit plan audit work, respectively
  • How to get up and running quickly with holistic, easy-to-understand analytics on every single audit with OnPoint Analytics AI