Introducing a tool to foster essential leadership conversations in your firm
CAS Firm Self-Assessment Tool


Align your CAS practice with the profession’s best practices partnered with Succession Institute to create a CAS firm self-assessment tool designed to help you align to CAS best practices. Broken into categories, this tool will give you a snapshot of how key CAS practice stakeholders assess the current health, direction, and processes of the practice.

Whether your CAS practice is in its infancy or already in its growth stage, the CAS Firm Self-Assessment Tool looks at key areas and common practices to:

  • Address best practices for pricing CAS services and growth paths surrounding topics such as leadership, governance and strategy, client management, accountability, current and long-term offerings and more
  • Recognize the practice’s operational hurdles that stand in the way of improved efficiency and success
  • Identify key conversations that can quickly impact your firm’s trajectory for growth and profitability


Download information about the CAS firm Self-Assessment to share with your team


Important instructions for accessing your report

To start the self-assessment:


Identify two CAS stakeholders from your firm to complete the assessment. This can be the CAS service line leader and the person to whom they report, for example.


Select the button below these instructions to access the CAS Firm Self-Assessment portal.


The first participant should enter their email address and click Next to retrieve their passcode by email (sent from

PLEASE NOTE: You should receive this email within a half-hour. However, we have received feedback from other assessment participants that emails coming from the program sometimes get marked as spam and placed in the junk folder. Additionally, if you have an email monitoring system, you may need to contact your IT administrator to release the email from quarantine.


Follow the directions in the email you receive to complete your registration.


Enter information about both respondents and use the buttons at the bottom of that page to send survey links to both participants. Then check your email again for a link to begin your assessment questionnaire.

These emails may also be marked as spam or quarantined.


Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the survey. Once both participants have submitted their responses, return to your account to select your submissions and run the report. After retrieving your report schedule about an hour with stakeholders to discuss the report a few days later.

Contact directly at with questions about the assessment process!

Start the Assessment

The CAS Firm Self-Assessment Tool is temporarily unavailable, as it is undergoing maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please contact for any questions.

Just Released: Whitepaper
A blueprint to drive your CAS practice growth


Compare your CAS practice’s current state against Top CAS Performers with the CAS Benchmark Survey Report.

CAS Benchmark Survey Report


Aligning Your CAS Practice with Best Practices: Introducing a Tool to Foster Essential Leadership Conversations in Your Firm

Join creators Bill Reeb and Tommye Barie as they discuss the ways that firms can use this self-assessment to foster essential conversations that can quickly impact your firm’s trajectory for growth, profitability and future success of your CAS Practice and the clients you serve.

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Duration: 60 min.
Webcast Type: Live

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