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What is the CAS Benchmark Survey? and AICPA PCPS have partnered to create the CAS Benchmark Survey, which aims to understand the transformation of the CAS practice area. The survey collects data from CAS practices nationwide to share quantitative metrics about practice structure and services offered, revenue, staffing, technology, and more. New this year, the survey is gathering more information about growth and the future of CAS in the profession. The 2024 survey will help firms benchmark their successes, identify areas for improvement, and create new goals that drive practice transformation.

Why should I complete the CAS Benchmark Survey?

As a participant, you’ll receive in-depth data about how your CAS practice measures up against peer firms, and the highest-performing practices in the country. You’ll discover areas where your practice is excelling, areas for improvement and receive updated KPIs and benchmarks to apply to your practice moving forward.

Who should complete the CAS Benchmark Survey?

The survey is open to practitioners and firm leaders, regardless of firm size, offering transactional accounting and bookkeeping through advisory services in the US.

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Why participate in the survey?

Gather data to build a business case and gain buy-in for changes to drive practice growth

Identify the KPI’s that truly define a successful CAS practice

Learn how your CAS practice compares to others in the profession

Gather benchmarking data to compare your practice to organizations of varying size and make-up

Receive access to personalized, detailed reporting in the survey platform

The results for participating firms will be available in a spreadsheet with benchmarks broken out by CAS Net Client Fees, CAS Practice Type, and by Top Performers, providing perspective on key performance indicators of CAS practices across the nation.

Previous Survey Reports Available Here:

2022 CAS Benchmark Survey Full Report


2020 CAS Benchmark Survey Full Report


2018 CAS Benchmark Survey Full Report


Thank you for your interest in the CAS Benchmark Survey.

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