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How firms can create efficiencies and secure talent with spend management technology

The next generation of Client Advisory Services (CAS) brings a more holistic view to business finance and adds spend management conversation. Spend management is the ability to view, control, and manage a business’s cash inflows and outflows in real-time and in one centralized location, providing actionable insights to key financial decision makers.

As firms turn to higher-value advisory services, spend management is a key offering that allows firms to deepen relationships with clients, gain efficiencies, as well as recruit and retain top-tier talent.

In this webinar panel, CAS experts and practitioners discuss why spend management is the future for CPA firms and how to create efficiencies and attract & retain talent with spend management technology.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand and define spend management advisory services as a cornerstone of modern CAS practices
  2. Discover ways to realize efficiencies and cost savings through spend management technology while realizing cost savings
  3. Apply best practices for recruiting and retaining talent through spend management technology
  4. Pinpoint ways to leverage technology solutions to scale and provide higher-value insights to clients

NOTE: This on-demand webinar does not offer CPE