Auvenir - Neeraj Sharma, Chief Product and Marketing Officer

Neeraj Sharma, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Auvenir, speaks to the advantage and power data analytics brings to financial audits. Advanced technologies organized in an intuitive platform can enable small and mid-size firms to improve their practice and deepen their client relationships.

Expensify - Daniel Vidal, Head of Business Development

Daniel Vidal, Head of Business Development at Expensify, gives his perspective on Artificial Intelligence and how firms can move ahead of the pack by embracing connected technology. His major tip for becoming a thought-leading firm? Test new tools internally to determine the benefits to your clients.

Receipt Bank - Damien Greathead, VP of Business Development

Damien Greathead, VP of Business Development, Receipt Bank, asks us to think about technology as an extension of our team. Look for bottlenecks in our workflow. Streamline through process improvement or implementing technology. Such as, applications that will unlock our time to have transformational conversations with clients.

FloQast - Blake Oliver, Senior Product Marketing Manager

Listen as Blake Oliver, Senior Product Marketing Manager at FloQast, discusses outsourced accounting services for virtual CFO’s and business owners. Technology is allowing us to provide better data, improve compliance, and implement more effective internal controls. Good technology and good people are the two things needed to get your process nailed down.

Gary Wood: Transitioning Into a Firm of the Future

At a young age, Gary Wood took over a 30 year-old Sole Practitioner firm, leading it through a transition from its founders to ultimately becoming a modern firm of the future. In this interview with Samantha Mansfield, Gary explains how he uses the Digital CPA Conference as part of his annual strategy and how he keeps the momentum to continue building and evolving his CAS practice.

Interviewer: Samantha Mansfield, CPA.com
Interviewee: Gary W. Wood, CPA, Compere Robinette CPAs

Paychex - Philip Horrisberger

Making sense of alphabet soup. Philip Horrisberger, Director of Channel Marketing, Paychex discusses Future Firm Services and providing Human Capital Management through a broad range of value enhancing, HR advisory solutions.

MindBridge - Solon Angel

Put Audit Back in the Black. Solon Angel, Chief Strategy Officer with MindBridge, Ai, shares his perspective of unlocking the capabilities of CPAs and driving value while driving competency rates.