DCPA20 Sponsors - Intuit - Standardize your tech stack and workflow

The Intuit team - Jasen Stine, Training & Education Leader for the Tax & Accounting Profession and Jim Buffington, Advisory Services Leader, Intuit Accountants, share their perspective on three key pillars leading firms implement to transition their practice to standardize their tech stack and workflow.

DCPA20 Sponsors - BotKeeper- You don’t have to be a technologist to implement technology

The BotKeeper team of Jody Padar, VP of Strategy; Byron Patrick, VP of Growth & Success; and Deneen Dias, Director of Partner Success, join us to share insights on working with firms to dig deep to the core of what is needed to understand the challenge of obstacles they are trying to resolve. You don’t have to be a technologist to implement technology. Technology gives you the capacity to transform and evolve your business model to become more advisory.

DCPA20 Sponsors - ADP - Give your clients less to think about

Listen as Jordan Birnbaum, Chief Behavioral Economist at ADP, shares an encapsulating idea from behavioral economics. Give your clients less to think about. An inherent challenge for people is there is too much information to process and not enough gas in the tank to process it. Every additional choice offered, is additional thinking that is needed. Free up time to allow them to think of strategies, rather than day to day operations.

CUNA Podcast: Financial information innovator

As with virtually every other area of the credit union, finance is increasingly driven by technology. CPA.com is a leader in providing technology that drives innovation within the finance space. Its RIVIO Clearinghouse has helped support the transformation of financial information exchange in the U.S. market.

Kalil Merhib is the leader of CPA.com’s sales organization. He was instrumental in leading the launch of RIVIO. In this episode, sponsored by CPA.com, Merhib discusses how RIVIO facilitates the audit process at credit unions and improves the member service experience.

Digital technology is disrupting the traditional business model in the finance ecosystem, says Merhib. This agile environment requires a willingness “to learn, relearn, and unlearn” to keep in step with the shifting demands and increased complexity of data.

DCPA20 Podcast - Insights from the perspective of a consultant

The digital community is a close nit of people, coming together to share best practices, be transparent and lean on each other. Jennifer (Lee) Wilson, Partner & Co-Founder of ConvergenceCoaching, LLC shares her insight from the perspective of a consultant to the accounting profession with a special interest in CAS practice benchmarks. She shares, “leap forward digitally, to leverage to our ‘next better.”