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CAS 2.0 Practice Development Coaching


If you’re grappling with how to scale and expand your client advisory services (CAS) practice, you’re not alone. Most CAS leaders are struggling to overcome the same challenges including leadership alignment, staffing and upskilling, and technological implementation–just to name a few.

As recognized experts in CAS, we’re here to help. We have a proven track record of helping firms of all sizes progress in their CAS journey.


The CAS 2.0 Practice Development Coaching Program

A progressive, guided approach to driving transformation across 7 key strategic themes:

CAS 2.0 Practice Development Program

Accelerate Your Firm's CAS Practice with Our Holistic, Multi-Step Coaching Program

  1. Pre-Coaching Alignment: Kickstart your journey with a leadership survey to evaluate your firm's current strategy and governance. This crucial step pinpoints strengths and underlying obstacles to growth, setting the stage for accelerated practice transformation.
  2. Interactive Group Sessions: Dive into virtual sessions covering essential CAS practice development topics. Learn and grow with other CAS leaders in a structured, educational environment.
  3. Roundtable Discussions: Collaborate and share insights in roundtable discussions with fellow CAS practitioners, focused on topics that bolster your coaching goals and overall success.
  4. Personalized 1:1 Coaching: Benefit from individualized sessions with our team of CAS experts. We'll help you set clear goals and identify success factors unique to your firm's needs.
  5. Action-Oriented Mini Plans: Develop focused, actionable execution plans. These guides provide clear direction and accountability, helping you track and achieve progress.

The coaching that even the most trusted advisors need’s CAS 2.0 Coaching Program delivers all of the expertise and resources needed to accelerate your CAS practice transformation. You'll benefit from a step-by-step, proven approach to change management and practice development that will allow you and your team to plan, build, and grow your CAS practice faster.


The Coaching Program will help you:

  • Reach your goals faster: The program is tailored to align your firm's objectives with a comprehensive CAS practice development plan, ensuring accelerated progress.
  • Learn from experts: Gain invaluable insights from professionals with extensive real-life experience in CAS practice transformation.
  • Focus on improvement: Pinpoint key areas needing enhancement, offering strategies to tackle challenges, address issues and spark innovation swiftly.
  • Enhance team resilience: Equip your team to adapt to overcome obstacles and manage changes more effectively, fostering a resilient and responsive workforce.
  • Make smarter decisions: Benefit from frameworks and techniques designed to enhance your decision-making process.
  • Gain fresh perspectives: An authoritative and unbiased approach provides new insights and alternative strategies to rejuvenate your practice.
  • Cultivate a growth mindset: Foster a positive, future-focused culture within your CAS practice.

Embark on a comprehensive coaching experience designed to empower, educate, and accelerate your CAS practice's growth. Take the first step in unlocking your firm's full potential.


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