Which CAS workshop is right for you?

Demand for Client Advisory Services (CAS) continues to grow, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of the CAS opportunity. Whether you’re in the early stages of evaluating if CAS is right for your firm, or you’re ready to evolve your existing CAS practice and deliver even more value to clients, we have an offering in our CAS workshop series that will help you grow your practice this year.

Which workshop is right for you? We’ve designed each workshop based on where you are in your CAS journey so that you walk away with actionable plans, valuable insights, and meaningful takeaways from your conversations with practicing facilitators and other attendees.

Consider these questions as you determine your point along the CAS journey:

  1. Is your firm currently offering Client Advisory Services? If no, start with the Introduction to CAS Workshop.
  2. Does your CAS practice have dedicated staff that are not impacted by tax season? If not, start with the Introduction to CAS Workshop. If you do have dedicated staff or are prepared to move staff soon, consider the CAS Roadmap Workshop.
  3. How do you price your CAS offerings? If nearly all services are billed hourly and in arrears, consider the Intro to CAS Workshop. If many services are subscription-based, billed at the beginning of the month or weekly, start with the CAS Roadmap Workshop or the CAS FP&A Workshop.
  4. Are you completing robust, chargeable CAS client assessments for all new clients and periodically for existing clients? If not, attend the CAS Client Assessment Workshop to consider ways to add these services to grow your practice.

Introduction to Client Advisory Services (CAS) Workshop
If you are evaluating whether a CAS practice is the right strategy for your firm, or have just joined a CAS practice, you will benefit from this half-day "Introduction to CAS Workshop." During the four CPE credit hours, you will identify the attributes of top performing CAS practices and take steps to apply these ideas to your CAS strategy.
Who should attend? Anyone working at a firm currently offering tax or audit services and wondering if CAS is right for them. Staff starting a new position in a CAS practice would benefit as they orient in their new CAS journey.

Client Advisory Services (CAS) Roadmap Workshop
This workshop provides the content you need to begin building a profitable, high-performance outsourced accounting and advisory practice. Learn the steps needed to build or expand a CAS practice from practicing facilitators who have taken the journey. This proven methodology will help your practice think about defining and pricing the services, staffing and technology, identifying and working with clients, and business planning for success.
Who should attend? If your firm has already committed resources and personnel to its CAS practice and would like to grow and drive new efficiencies, this workshop is right for you.

CAS Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) Workshop
Financial planning, analysis, anticipatory advisory and forecasting services are a high-growth service area offered by top-performing CAS practices. This workshop will teach CAS practitioners the critical components required to extend their service offerings by advising clients and creating various types of forecasting models based on the current client need.
Who should attend? If you have a new or established CAS practice and are looking for ways to add more service options and value for clients, attend this workshop. Many attendees are alumni of the CAS Roadmap Workshop who have recognized virtual CFO services as a client need and growth opportunity for their firm.

CAS Client Assessment Workshop
This two-day workshop will teach firms to perform a high-value assessment that looks for more than basic needs. It allows the CAS team to ascertain the foundational information about a client’s business needed to generate a proposed strategy for onboarding, process improvement, and build a repeatable process of discovery and assessment that produces a “health check” of the client’s current business, and offers analysis of the strategic steps required to move the client to the desired future state.
Who should attend? If your CAS practice is looking for ways to accelerate value for clients and drive more effective relationships, this workshop would be a great fit. Many alumni of the CAS Roadmap Workshop attend this workshop after successfully implementing many of the strategies discussed there.

To learn more about CPA.com’s upcoming CAS Workshops, or register for an upcoming event, visit our CAS Workshops page.

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