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A Winning Leadership Presence

It takes winning leadership skills to take your team to the next level and leadership presence doesn’t mean you have to walk in and “own” the room. In the office, character, confidence and authenticity are much more important than simply being the one in the meeting who is always talking and directing the conversation. With extreme focus, you will truly concentrate on what matters and get the job done correctly and efficiently. By leading with presence, you will demonstrate authenticity and sincerity to your team.

Special Guest Speakers joining Erik Asgeirsson:

  • Pat Williams, Senior Vice President of Orlando Magic and Basketball Hall-of-Famer, will use his 45 years in professional sports to provide a view from the locker room on how the greatest players and coaches – Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Phil Jackson, Chuck Daly – have achieved their goals through extreme focus. With practical, realistic information on how you can achieve your dreams of success, you will learn specific steps that you can put into practice right now.
  • Tom Bachmann, Culture Shaping Master Champion with Paychex, will share his 25 years of experience training leaders on how to effectively influence others. He will show you what it takes to lead with presence, transforming simple conversations into dynamic presentations where you become the lasting impression, not just your message.

“Leaders who ignore change risk extinction,” Pat Williams. Take advantage of this special opportunity to hone your leadership skills to take your team to the next level!