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Webinar for SIAP Partners: Driving CAS Growth Through Digital Transformation and Managed Service

The need and demand for firms to elevate their role as a Trusted Strategic Business Advisor continues to permeate across the accounting profession. As demand for trusted advisory services rises, the value of CAS (Client Advisory Services) continues to transform into a focus on strategic business insights. Meanwhile, the finance function is facing unprecedented digital transformation forcing finance teams to evolve their data and technology strategy. Harnessing technology capabilities that drive digital transformation while leveling up your approach to CAS can be the key to unlocking new opportunities to deliver client value as a trusted strategic advisor.

During this 60-minute webinar, Tom Hood, AICPA, Dixie McCurley, Cherry Bekaert, and Tommye Barie, the Succession Institute, join Kalil Merhib, EVP, CPA.com explore:

  • How changing client expectations coupled with digital transformation in the finance function is impacting CAS practices
  • Ways CAS practitioners can deliver strategic advisory and lead finance transformation for their clients
  • Improving process efficiency while addressing the talent gap
  • How shifting business models and managed service relationships can help solve key challenges