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Divvy Demo: Unlock Greater Client Insights and Gain Efficiencies

Are you spending hours reconciling client transactions and closing their books each month? Traditional expense management is time-consuming, inefficient, and fragmented. Your clients don’t get real-time visibility into cash flows, have trouble sticking to a budget, and can’t do proactive planning.

What if you could offer clients a way to allocate department-level budgets, automate compliance and streamline expense-categorization and reporting in their accounting platform? Spend Management automation presents an opportunity for firms to help clients automate manual expense-management tasks and frees up firms to deliver accurate reports, forecasts and insights.

Divvy, a BILL company, is CPA.com's preferred spend and expense management technology solution. Join us to discover the elements of Spend Management automation - how Divvy’s free-to-use Spend Management software can help you eliminate manual repetitive expense management and free up your time to offer advisory services.

  • Discover the elements of Spend Management automation: Corporate cards, software and accounting-platform integrations
  • Learn to leverage the Divvy platform to grow your advisory offering; provide actionable insights surrounding cash flow, budgets, forecasts and business performance
  • Uncover efficiencies and savings for your firm and for clients through streamlined internal processes, reduced software spend and freeing up employee time

Earn 1 CPE Credit

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