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CAS Growth Accelerates: Results of the CPA.com & AICPA PCPS CAS Benchmark Survey

Client advisory services (CAS) practices have experienced high-demand, growth and profitability, all while making a significant difference for their clients.

Check out CPA.com's on-demand webinar as facilitators take a first look at the findings from the latest CAS Benchmark Survey and examine what distinguishes top performing CAS practices.

Learning objectives:

  • Describe the trends in growth of CAS as a practice area as supported by the CAS benchmark survey data and devise ways to integrate the trends into practice strategy
  • Compare how top-performing CAS practices differ from average practices
  • Explain which KPIs are important for measuring the success of a CAS practice, and identify practice updates that your firm can make to promote efficiency and increase revenue

In this 1-hour webinar, we’ll discuss the biggest results from the survey. We’ll also talk about the importance of measuring the right KPIs and provide best practices for your CAS practice. This session is valuable for practitioners with a growing or mature CAS practice as well as firm leaders who are creating a CAS offering for their firm.

Watch to identify areas of focus as you grow and develop your CAS practice in 2021 and beyond!