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The Great Accelerant: Thriving in the New 2025

The events of the past year and a half ushered in a new reality for the accounting profession. Along with speeding up the adoption of new technology, the pandemic accelerated the evolution of practitioners from transactional to relational. As a result, the profession is now in a place many experts predicted wouldn’t be reached for another half decade. In this special report, we examine the major implications of the pandemic on business, technology, and professional service firms.

We explore how the societal transformations tracked a hockey-stick rate of adoption for technologies and new business models. For most organizations, technology solutions harnessed during the pandemic were already on the radar, specifically tools that provided automation and enabled remote work. But as the world moved almost overnight to a distributed model, it forced rapid integration, accelerating the adoption curve by roughly five years. This special report breaks down the shifts and provides strategies to help practitioners build more agile organizations for the future.


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