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Exponential Times Trigger Innovation Accounting Technology

In this report, we will highlight key insights and strategies generated at the 2019 AICPA/CPA.com Executive Roundtable. The 10-year anniversary meeting provided a bird’s eye view of how the profession is evolving, with an underlying theme of exponential times fueling a wide array of technology discussions. The future of audit, voice-activated artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, for example, were explored in-depth, with attendees discussing their expected adoption rates, development tracks, and disruptive abilities.

It’s both an exciting and uncertain time for the profession, one that presents opportunities and challenges in equal measure. Successfully navigating this rapidly shifting landscape requires the ability to think strategically about innovation, including how emerging technology solutions can be used to improve efficiency and services within the profession.

Three Trends to Pay Attention to in 2019:

  1. The Expansion of Disruptive Technologies
  2. The Evolving Role of a CPA as the Trusted Advisor
  3. The Exponential Rate of Change