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Unlocking Your Sales & Use Tax Success with Technology

Due to the 2018 Wayfair decision and recent economic conditions caused by the pandemic, sales and use tax (SUT) challenges are magnified for businesses across the country. Therefore, as these businesses are managing stressful, uncertain times to simply operate in the black, they are increasingly looking for greater support and guidance to maintain SUT compliance in this complex environment currently under increased regulatory scrutiny from unprecedented jurisdictional budget pressures.

Has the changing SUT regulations and increased scrutiny put your business clients at risk? Have your clients reached out due to confusion in SUT?

View webinar to learn how leveraging SUT technology can help you meet the needs of your clients – allowing you to ensure accuracy, manage risk, and deliver high-value services. You will gain insights on how a comprehensive solution can help unlock your SUT success, even in times of change and disruption. During this webinar, our presenters will answer your questions, as well as cover how to:

  • Use technology to create a more effective compliance and/or advisory practice
  • Evaluate and strategically select a technology partner that aligns with your firm's goals
  • Develop a strategy to roll out a solution to both your firm, and clients