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Transform Your EBP Practice in 30 Days

From ensuring quality work, to coordinating staff and client collaboration, to driving engagement profitability, managing an EBP practice can be quite involved. If those challenges sound familiar, OnPoint EBP is the comprehensive end-to-end technology solution your firm needs.

Incorporating AICPA methodology and hosted on the powerful CaseWare Cloud platform, OnPoint EBP facilitates high quality, efficient auditing of employee benefit plan pursuant to ERISA Section 103(a)(3)(C).

We discuss key aspects of OnPoint EBP, including:

  • Unique plan profile that identifies appropriate areas of focus and nuances unique to the plan
  • Guided risk assessment that starts with risks common to a typical plan but is easily modifiable based on unique plan factors
  • Integrated client collaboration tools that initiate requests directly from within the engagement file
  • Standardized account import template that automatically generates draft financial statements
  • Ways firms are getting started today with OnPoint EBP