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Strategies for Innovating for the Future Ready CPA

New business models, globalized markets, new asset classes and new risk factors make this a fast future of both great challenge, but greater opportunity. The fast future is a collision of trends that are both drivers of productivity and progress as well as represent new competitive advantages. Now more than ever, CPAs need to become future ready – ready to “fast adapt”.

This session discusses the findings from “The CPA of the Future 2015 Study,” conducted by the Institute of Future Studies and CPA.com, focusing on 2 primary future readiness metrics: disruptive technology and innovation and the changing role of the CPA.  It lays out strategies how to innovate in a CPA firm so you build your practice for the future and evolve into the new role of the CPA.

You will walk away with ideas on:

  • How to create a culture of innovation and learning
  • The innovations of the future and how its reshaping the marketplace as well as business models
  • How the workforce is changing and how to staff up to keep pace with globalization and the rise of emerging markets
  • How to embrace and navigate change to ensure future success