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The Path to Audit Transformation - Part 2: Connect

Emerging technologies are creating new opportunities for auditors to drive audit quality and inform greater insights and value to clients. How can firms successfully advance from where they are today to a truly transformative approach to the audit?

CPA.com has put together a guide to transformation, addressing each key dimension in detail for firms proactively seeking to drive these important changes. Our 3-part webinar series will lay out specific key milestones as well as insights to help accelerate your firm’s journey toward audit transformation on your own terms.

In part 2, we explore the ways in which auditing firms can better connect the audit experience to improve audit quality and efficiency, starting with initial engagement acceptance and ending with final delivery of the audit report. View this discussion to discover how you can capitalize on the opportunities that exist to automate and accelerate within a well-connected audit experience while keeping audit quality at the forefront.

Key learnings will include:

  • Understanding what connecting the audit means and the impact it can have on your firm’s A&A service line
  • Identifying the hidden dangers around traditional habits around audit workflow (and how to diffuse them)
  • Discovering ways to get clients excited about changes to the audit process