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Part 5 of 5 - Cloud Ecosystem: Insights for Technology around Prep, Comp, and Review Services

What does your overall cloud technology stack look like? When you consider all of the various aspects of offering prep, comp and review services, such as client onboarding, firm methodology standardization, quality review, and final report approval and delivery, does the technology approach lean more cohesive or piecemeal? In this session, we will explore how to potentially round out and improve the cloud ecosystem that connects your entire prep, comp and review process.

Note: In assessing the technology landscape of the profession, CPA.com and the AICPA have identified 5 key performance factors for technology that will give firms a competitive advantage in how they approach preparation, compilation and review engagements:

  • Engagement Setup and Build
  • Real-time Collaboration Process
  • Security
  • Integration of Methodology and Deliverables
  • Cloud Ecosystem

This session is part 5 of a five-part webinar series examining key areas to help drive efficiency, quality and value in prep, comp and review engagements. To view the previously recorded sessions, please visit this site.