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Insights into High Performing CAS Practices

The recently released CPA.com CAS Benchmark Survey shows that Client Advisory Services (CAS) practices are thriving and making an impact for their clients. CAS practices reported a median growth rate of 20% – nearly twice the rate reported in 2018 – and significantly outgrew other accounting firm practice areas.

CAS growth has been driven by a number of best practices. Join CPA.com and our guest panel will take a closer look at the key attributes that are the foundation of building high-performing CAS practices.

Using data from the Benchmark Survey, our panel examines key areas including:

  • Drivers of CAS Growth
  • Evolving Client Advisory Expectations
  • CAS Metrics
  • Staffing a CAS Practice
  • Pricing CAS Services
  • CAS Practice Technology
  • Barriers to CAS Success

Join us for what is an exciting and insightful conversation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the drivers behind the growth in Client Advisory Services
  • Articulate key metrics for measuring a CAS practice
  • Understand the characteristics of top performing CAS practices
  • Explain different approaches in pricing, staffing and implementing technology in a top performing CAS practice
  • Know what the common barriers to success are for CAS practices