Enhance the Speed and Depth of Your Analysis with OnPoint AnalyticsAI

Is your firm relying on tools for analysis that fail to provide the holistic insight needed to drive quality and value throughout the entire audit? Modernizing your practice around the right technology can dramatically impact the speed and depth of your analysis, enhancing client value.

OnPoint AnalyticsAI makes data analytics simple to implement and easy to use for every engagement, helping auditors gain comprehensive, data-driven insight into a client’s financials as early as day one.

Join us for a product overview to discover how to gain immediate value in data analytics. During the product tour, we will highlight key features, such as:

  • Data validation and completeness tools for quick and easy capture of the entire transaction data set
  • Detection of transactions outside of normal activity helping narrow your focus for sampling
  • On-screen review tools with PDF report generation that can be easily saved into your engagement management software

Upcoming webinars: