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DCPA Webcast: What's Next Now: Operating in Uncertain Times

Technologies, maturing exponentially. Organizational structures, being turned upside down. The need for advisory services, exploding. These phenomena were in motion well before the current crisis; yet the events of the past few months have forced a new normal upon us that nobody that was fully prepared for, yet some were better positioned to navigate than others.

Join Erik Asgeirsson and Pascal Finette as they continue a discussion that began in Seattle at DCPA19.

Tune-in as they provide an environmental scan of today’s circumstances—diving into three different time horizons— what is now, what is next and what is beyond. How is this current black swan event creating unique opportunities for firms to come out stronger on the other side? What are the weak signals before us that hold clues to the future?

In this webinar, begin to discover how to truly transform into a future-forward organization. You’ll be introduced to our enhanced 2020 Navigating the Future Program, exploring a framework and radical toolbox that not only builds and supports your new horizon, but helps you thrive in it:

  • Identify the three time horizons and weak signals that are surfacing
  • Shift to a mindset that supports real-time strategizing to apply disruptive concepts and identify non-obvious implications which create new opportunities that can make your firm stronger
  • Establish a stronghold on the key components that build successful distributed teams, outside of just the technology
  • Explore the new framework and interactive activities that you can use internally to build cohesion across your organization