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Credit Union Audit Report Delivery, Compliance, and Commercial Lending Insights

For credit unions, audited financials are critical today. This is especially true for the credit union-CPA firm-regulator ecosystem and for those commercial lending. In an era of increasing fraud and cyber-risk, how these sensitive documents are exchanged and delivered has never been more important.

View this webinar for a discussion of audit report delivery evolution and an up-close look at RIVIO Clearinghouse, the online platform designed to meet the need for accurate, source-verified financial information exchange between CPA firms, credit unions (and other private businesses), and third-party users of audited financial and other types of financial documents (including credit unions offering commercial lending).

During the presentation, we highlight:

  • The RIVIO workflow for CPA Firms, Credit Unions and NCUA Examiners
  • Workflow for credit union commercial lenders’ audit report requests
  • Compliance insights for yearly audit report submission
  • Fraud examples and fraud prevention insights for credit union’s commercial lending